Using Pandoc and knitR with SphinxΒΆ

This is a short example illustrating how to use knitr with pandoc to write a single document in markdown and have it rendered in multiple formats, especially pdf and html. For the purposes of illustration, I have chosen two code chunks, one generating a plot and the other generating a table to illustrate the power of pandoc + knitr.

We first need to tell knitr to render the output of code chunks in the gfm format, which pandoc will understand.

The chunk below is a plot chunk. You need to have the package ggplot2 installed for it to work.

qplot(wt, mpg, data = mtcars)
plot of chunk plot-chunk

plot of chunk plot-chunk

The second chunk produces a table. You need to have the package ascii installed for this to work.

x <- head(mtcars[, 1:5])
options(asciiType = "pandoc")
  mpg cyl disp hp drat
Mazda RX4 21.00 6.00 160.00 110.00 3.90
Mazda RX4 Wag 21.00 6.00 160.00 110.00 3.90
Datsun 710 22.80 4.00 108.00 93.00 3.85
Hornet 4 Drive 21.40 6.00 258.00 110.00 3.08
Hornet Sportabout 18.70 8.00 360.00 175.00 3.15
Valiant 18.10 6.00 225.00 105.00 2.76